Class Descriptions


Some like it hot! Mighty Flow turns up the heat and wrings you out! Through this energetic, vigorous vinyasa practice, you’ll cultivate strength, flexibility, endurance and greater body awareness. Classes include traditional and creative sequences of postures rooted in the breath that will invigorate and challenge you. Instructors offer modifications and variations throughout the class, making these classes accessible for students of all levels.


The focus is on the basics, but this is no easy workout! Taught at a moderate pace, these classes are a great place for beginners to learn the fundamentals as well as for more experienced practitioners to fine-tune their practice. We explore foundational postures and sequences, breaking them down to learn principles of alignment and transitions to keep you safe as well as invite deeper awareness on your mat.


The most challenging level we offer, this strong flow includes creative sequences and advanced poses to challenge and deepen your practice by bringing greater attention to the subtleties of the mind and body. Classes include more complex standing poses, arm balances, advanced transitions, inversions and deepening backbends. You certainly are not expected to be masters of these advanced poses, but you’ll need the desire to try them out and a willingness to modify poses to suit your needs! Prerequisite: A minimum of 6 months of regular yoga practice is strongly recommended for students in this class.


Offered at noon during the weekdays, this 60-minute power flow is perfect if you’ve got a tight schedule. These classes condense our all levels Mighty Flow class into a balanced, vigorous class that jazzes you up and blisses you out long after you’ve left. Please note the studio is not heated during these lunchtime classes.


This class is designed to amp it up, turn it up, and sweat it out. Join your fellow music and yoga lovers for a Mighty Flow set to a mix of “rockin” tunes. This high-energy class gets your heart pumping and clears the mind through the power of sound and yoga. Ignite the dancer within, and you’ll leave class feeling ready to rock everything you do—on and off the mat!


If you thought our Mighty Flow classes brought you to new levels of yogic joy, you haven’t Flowed and Restored your way to bliss! Focusing on the more relaxing side of yoga, this class utilizes simple stretchy flows, breath & body awareness, massage-like assists and restorative postures to help you unwind body, mind & soul. Be guided on a relaxing journey, or just come to lie down and let go in a warm, peaceful space. The perfect way to start your week, this hour-long class will leave you feeling nurtured and renewed.

Sunday Sadhana

Open to all levels; An interest in deepening your yoga & self inquiry practice is most welcome!
Sadhana is defined as the spiritual practices a yogi embarks on for greater wisdom and enlightenment. This non-heated flow class explores the yogic path within poses & movement (asana), breathwork (pranayama), meditation and philosophy. Yogis experience a balanced, full-spectrum practice that connects body, mind, and soul. 

ashtanga modified series

Inspired by Ashtanga Yoga, a lineage developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the mid-20th century, this class takes the traditional and explores modern variations as well.  Ashtanga (Sanskrit for 8-limbs) includes a series of postures that start with Surya Namaskar A & B to warm up, followed by a blend of standing and balancing poses before moving to the ground for floor work, as taken from the Primary and Intermediate Series.  Pranayama (breath practices) and work with the bandhas (energy locks) are highlighted and integrated throughout the practice.  This practice develops strength, endurance and discipline. In this class, students will experience the classical sequencing as passed down over the years as well as variations to the traditional sequence.  It will also be modified and adapted to suit the needs for all levels of practitioners.


These classes are our most affordable at $7. Taught at a pace slower than our all levels sessions, these classes can be a great way to develop your practice as well as refine the fundamentals. Variations and modifications for poses will be offered, making this class accessible to all levels. Please note, these classes are not heated at our Ithaca studio.