Mighty Classes

Our classes last between 60 and 90 minutes. Each class begins with a warm up and then moves into a series of flowing poses. In any particular class, you can expect to move through some or all of the following: standing poses, balancing, backbends, and seated poses. Classes always end in savasana (deep relaxation). Teaching styles will vary from instructor to instructor and we encourage you to attend classes with everyone to take advantage of this variety.

Heated Classes

We shoot for 85 for our heated classes, as designated on the schedule. The temperature can vary and is influenced by the season. Our teachers do their best to adapt as needed so that the overall experience is safe and fun. Our heated classes are sweaty on purpose—it helps detoxify the body. Please bring a towel to wipe your brow and any excess sweat you drip on or around your mat.

Mighty Yoga App

In addition to our online scheduler, you can access the Mighty schedule, sign up for class, and cancel reservations all on the go! Our app is available for iPhones and Android devices.

Online Reservations for Classes

While walk-ins are accepted when we have space, we highly encourage students to sign up online for classes. When you sign up online or through our app, you are guaranteed a spot in the class. If you’ve registered online, please plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the class stars and don't forget to check-in at the desk before heading into the studio! 


Our waitlists turn over rapidly, especially the day of the class. If there’s a class that you want to attend that is at a waitlist only status, please add your name to the list. If you are first on the waitlist and someone cancels their reservation, you will automatically be added to the class list. If your mobile number is in your profile, you will get a text message notifying you that a spot opened and you can easily confirm the reservation.  If it’s less than 4 hours before class, and you haven’t received an email from us, you can come to the studio in person to see if a spot opens up (we can't promise, but typically at least a couple spots open up!). 

Arrival Time

We will not allow late entry in our classes more than 5 minutes after class begins.  After getting feedback from many of our students, staff and teachers about classes starting and ending on time, we have updated this policy.  Late arrivals disrupt the flow of class, and this policy is a courtesy to fellow students who arrive on time.  In order to start AND end class on time, we will no longer allow latecomers more than 5 mins after class is set to start.  

Note: If you do arrive within the first 5 mins of class, please enter the studio quietly.  After class, check back with our staff at the desk, to make sure we don't have any other questions for you.

Cancelling your Class Reservation

We understand that life has unexpected surprises and you will not always be able to attend the classes you sign up for. If you can’t come to class, you can cancel your reservation up to 4 hours before the class starts. You may also call the studio or email us to cancel your reservation if you aren’t able to do it online or via our app. If you call, leave a message with your name and class that you were registered for.

If you are not able to cancel at least 4 hours before the class, but still notify us that you aren't coming, our late cancel fee is $10. However, if you don't show up and don't let us know, you will be charged for the class (or $15 for those on an unlimited pass). We do understand that Life Happens, and are happy to pull your name out of the class without penalty if you call or email us with the reason that you aren't able to attend class.

Cancelling your Workshop Reservation

You may cancel your reservation for one of our workshops at least one week before for a full refund. If you cancel at least 24 hours before, we can transfer your registration fee to a credit on your Mighty Yoga account to be used toward any future purchases, or give you a refund minus a $5 processing fee. Unfortunately, we are not able to give refunds or credit your account for cancellations that occur less than 24 hours before workshops.

Inclement Weather Cancellations

In case of inclement weather or other potentially dangerous situations, we will make the decision to cancel classes or workshops at least 2 hours ahead of time. Please check the online schedule or the studio Facebook page before heading out.

Age Limit for Classes

You're never too young to start yoga!  However, we do have a few safety requirements before any students under 18 can join our classes.  Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver before taking a class. All yogis under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian present and participating in the class with them. Parents of students under the age of 12 must make special arrangements with us (please email or call) before coming to the first class. Parents/Guardians must fulfill these requirements for the child before he/she can take class.

Please contact us if you have any questions.