Huck is the author of the *new* Simple Sutras!

We’re celebrating Huck’s new book Simple Sutras: A Modern Guide to Ancient Yoga! Copies are for sale in the Mighty boutique. Join him for a chat and book signing after his Saturday morning Foundations class on April 4th.

We picked his brain about his new book, check out what he had to say:

1. Could you please tell us what your book is focusing on? Why did you call it Simple Sutras? The book is an attempt to create a translation of the Yoga Sutras that everyone can read and understand with ease. Simple Sutras is the name of the book because it was most honest about what was inside, a simple version of the sutras.

2. Why did you want to write a book like this? So many people are in love with yoga and are seeking to understand the whole story. But many versions of the story are not very modern, or they are over-sized. Most novice yogis don’t have time to dig through those huge classical versions. Perhaps reading my version will lead them to reading a version with more in-depth commentary. Ultimately, I wanted to offer a starting point as well as provide a gentle read for those who already know the sutras. I believe that the sutras offer the true depth of yoga, and I know many people are interested in that.

3. What do you think the Yoga Sutras have to offer us modern yogis? Everything! Once we get into the sutras and start to put it into practice everything gets better. Your asana practice gets better, your meditation gets better. You handle stress better. The way you see the world gets better. And Simple Sutras is written in a way that’s fun and easy to read, making it a pleasure, and not a chore.

4. Why do you think yogis should read this book? What do you hope readers will take away from it? They should read it so they can say they understand what yoga is. We breathe and move, but do we know why? The sutras help us to contemplate ourselves and the world around us. What do I hope reader’s take away from it? The desire to read it again, slower, and try to feel what Patanjali was trying to tell you. Explore the world through sutra-colored glasses.

5. Now you’ve written this book! Are you thinking about another project? If so, wanna share the idea(s) with your Mighty fans? Yes, I am working on another project. BUT, no peeking! Everyone will just have to wait and see.

Book Signing & Chat with Huck
Saturday, April 4th after his Foundations class ends (around 12:45pm)