The Ultimate Savasana

Want to know more about what to expect in Huck’s The Ultimate Savasana Workshop?  Check out these testimonials from students who have taken the workshop:

“I hate Savasana pose more than anything.Chair Pose? Intense Twist? 10 Minute Plank? These are my happy places. Savasana… not so much. Being still for 10 minutes at the end of a Power Yoga class is like torture, my own personal hell. It’s a time when I am forced to just BE. My mind races, I run through the eternal to-do list in my head, I panic, I forget to breathe, I breathe too much, I freak out because I am not relaxing… As a super-intense, Type-A, OCD, Control Freak, taking Huck’s Ultimate Savasana workshop fell dead last on my eternal to-do list… which was exactly why I needed to take this class.

Since I began practicing at Mighty Yoga, I have taken classes with Huck at least once a week. Initially, I was not entirely sure how I felt about his Dharma talks; I was there for a workout, not a spiritual, philosophical lecture. However, one of the things that Huck does so incredibly well is that he creates a space of “realness,” where there is no where to hide on your mat, because you don’t need to- no one is spared. Regardless of where you are on your mat, the humor of his modern anecdotes woven with ancient teachings and philosophies, soak into your mind, breathe fire and inspiration into your body, creating a place of growth and expansion on the mat, in your yoga practice, and ultimately, your life. The Ultimate Savasana workshop was a phenomenal experience, which gave me permission to be exactly who I was and guided me into both a physical and mental space that I could more comfortably inhabit. Do I love Savasana now? Still, not so much. But, after this workshop, I can be okay with that.” – Betse

“The Ultimate Savasana workshop isn’t just lying on your back for 2 hours in savasana — it’s more of a lesson on how to prepare your body so you can experience the ultimate savasana. It includes some very simple poses, yoga nidra, a hands-on lesson on how to give a full-body savasana adjustment, and finally, a longer savasana, in which Huck will give you the full adjustment. And then you leave feeling like there isn’t possibly anything wrong that could happen in the rest of your day.

In addition to being a neat thing to learn to give to friends, adjusting someone’s body in savasana is actually pretty helpful in the context of your own body. Understanding how the placement of each body part changes your ability to relax in the pose is invaluable to all of your future set-ups for savasana. Also, if you’ve never taken a class with Huck before, this is a great opportunity to get adjustments in simple poses that you might not have thought would benefit from one. Huck’s understanding of bodies of all different shapes, sizes, and flexibilities is unmatched.” – Laurel

Mighty Hanover Workshop
The Ultimate Savasana w/ guest Ithaca teacher Huck Ingles
March 28 | 2 – 4pm
$25 by 3/20 | $30 after & at the door

Come and explore the depths of savasana with Huck. You will learn a bit about the pose and the ideas behind it. You will experience a yoga nidra, a deep form of guided relaxation. Then, working with partners, you will learn to provide a savasana adjustment series that you can use to help others relax, yogi or not. This workshop will be mixed with gentle vinyasa. Beginners welcome!

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