Meet our new Ithaca Teacher Erica!

How did you get introduced to Yoga? I found yoga quite by accident when I was in high school. I stumbled into a class at the YMCA and fell in love immediately.

What do you like about Power Vinyasa Flow? I love to move, and build strength. Power Vinyasa makes me feel connected to my body while challenging it. It’s a vigorous moving meditation that leaves me feeling calm, open, and strong.

How has your Yoga changed since the first time you practiced? My yoga has changed as a reflection of the changes I’ve gone through. As I move through life, I’ve learned how to listen to myself, the world, how to make choices based on my heart’s intention instead of outside circumstances. My yoga has reflected my growth just as much as my growth has affected my yoga.

Why did you decide to teach Yoga? Yoga is the truest expression of the Self. I feel that by teaching yoga, I am expressing and encouraging the connection with truth.

Any tips for someone new to Yoga? Take many classes, with many teachers of different styles. There are as many ways to practice and teach yoga as there are people on this planet. Try different things, and develop a practice that resonates with you. Be patient and kind to yourself! Yoga is a lifetime journey.

What is your favorite pose or poses? Why? None! Having a favorite pose is like having a favorite tooth to brush. Every pose serves a purpose, and there is beauty in all of them.

What do you like to do off the yoga mat? I love to move, in every way. Running, hiking, cycling, martial arts, swimming, anything that makes me feel alive. I also love to write, and play music - I grew up playing the piano and drums.

What fuels you? Trees, sunshine, water, meditation, music, travel, and movement through yoga, running, and martial arts.

What makes you Mighty? What makes me Mighty is the same thing that makes every single one of us Mighty. We all have messages to listen to, and messages to send. When we do this, we are Mighty.