Meet Maya & Nancy - New Mighty Management!

Name: Maya Pagán
Position: Studio Manager

Favorite yoga pose:  I go through phases. Sometimes it's a pose that's been alluding me, and I am just determined to get it. Other times my favorite pose is one that I slip into with ease like hanging out with an old friend. Right now I'm enjoying Trikonasana (extended triangle). I feel like I am reaching new places of leaning into it with micro adjustments.

Yoga is... always there for me.

What do you love most about yoga?  I love that yoga is fluid and always evolving for me.  I often use it as a barometer for where I am in life, since each time I come to my mat is unique.

What do you like to do off the yoga mat?
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends... you know my favorite people!  The favorite ways are simple- cooking a beautiful meal and lingering over long conversations or walking on our favorite trails and discovering what the season has to offer. I grew up in California, and although I miss the constant warm weather, I really love Ithaca's distinct four seasons.

What's fuels you? Creativity and art. Working with my hands to make something is a form of meditation for me.

My NON-guilty pleasure is. . . a long hot soak on a cold winter night. Although I've been known to draw a bath any time of year.

What makes you Mighty?
My enthusiasm! Whatever and whomever is important to me, I celebrate with everything I have!

What’s your yoga story?  How did you start practicing?
Although I have done yoga at different points in my life, my regular practice developed during the hardest time in my life. I was at an unexpected transition, and I desperately needed an anchor to keep me steady. One class a week quickly multiplied when I recognized that yoga was helping me to relax and stay grounded  even beyond the mat. And then I discovered Mighty and I felt like I had found something more than just inspiring classes... a wonderful community too!

What's the best advice you've ever received?
Yesterday is over. Tomorrow has not arrived. Now is all that really exists so surrender to it and cherish it.


Name: Nancy Webster

Position: Assistant Manager

Yoga is...a process that is always evolving.

How do you serve the world? In addition to being a Mighty desk staffer, I am a Waste Reduction & Recycling Specialist, so I educate people and implement programs to reduce waste. I'm also a Master Composter and can be found at festivals making sure food scraps get a happy home in a compost pile. I love cooking and sharing food and exploring beauty around the world.

What do you love most about your yoga practice? I always finish in a better place than when I started. I love the process of self acceptance, balancing strength and grace, and focusing my mind and body in new ways. Feeling accomplished is pretty great too.

What fuels you? Nature, movement, and delicious local foods

My NON-guilty pleasure is...napping. I'm lucky to be able to fall asleep most anywhere.

What makes you Mighty? Dedication and empathy

What’s your yoga story?  How did you start practicing? I took a yoga class in college that didn't really spark anything for me. Then a few years ago, I started running and knew I needed to strengthen my core and respect my body in all the ways to stay strong and avoid injury. I did a few classes at Mighty with friends, which broke my fear of practicing in a studio, then got sucked in during birthday week last year. I felt stronger and was sleeping better (both important for running and for life). The bliss and mindfulness was exactly what was missing from my self-care and the Mighty community was what kept me coming back.