Meet Kendra, Our Newest Mighty Teacher!

Catch Kendra's Mighty Flow & Mighty Foundations on Saturday mornings.


We asked Kendra:

How did you get introduced to Yoga?

I started practicing yoga when I was an undergrad, with my best friend! I wanted to find movement that I could enjoy and keep committed to, and that was yoga! My first teacher was actually Emma Silverman.

What do you like about Power Vinyasa Flow?

I love the movement and linkage of breath to body that power vinyasa provides. For me, it truly allows me to find quiet in the mind through movement in the body. I also love that teachers have flexibility to sequence in their unique ways, which allows for the same postures to feel very different when taught by different teachers, placed at different moments in the flow.

How has your Yoga changed since the first time you practiced?

I’m less concerned with achieving perfect form or crazy postures than when I started practicing. There is so much more to yoga than the postures (asana), and those quieter, more internal aspects are actually where I’ve been putting my intentions more recently.

Why did you decide to teach Yoga?

I loved my teacher training experience (with Jamie Silverstein, at The Grinning Yogi), and was about to move to Ithaca, so teaching was a great opportunity for me to create a new community when I first moved here! I also wanted to keep on developing sequences and sharing yoga with more people!

Any tips for someone new to Yoga?

Yoga is a great time to practice saying yes and saying no to things! So I think if you’re new, try saying yes to more options than you might initially want to, knowing you can always then say, no, I tried it and today it’s not happening! :)

What is your favorite pose or poses? Why?

Recently I’ve started to love poses I used to really struggle with - Warrior One, Triangle pose, Pyramid, Half Moon...I think time and practice have shifted my mindset in these postures. So if there’s a pose you struggle with, just give it some time! These poses help me find a connection to the earth and awareness up the body.

What do you like to do off the yoga mat?

I love cooking (especially finding new creative recipes that are also easy!), drinking coffee, and reading!

What fuels you?

Spending time with my sweetie doing things together like trying a new recipe, reading together, or going on a quick exploration somewhere! I also feel invigorated when I can get outside for a nice walk, especially when I’m feeling extra stressed.