Meet Liz, Our Newest Mighty Teacher!

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We asked Liz:

How did you get introduced to Pilates?

I was first introduced to Pilates as a student while living in Boston. I had heard of Pilates over the years through my dance background, and my Mom would workout to Pilates videos when I was younger, but my first real experience with Pilates was taking mat classes toward the end of my college career. At this point I was finally able to connect the dots, and realized how powerful and truly effective Pilates was… From there my interest grew!   

What do you like about Pilates?

I immediately gravitated toward Pilates because of it’s “smart” movements and the meanings behind them. In other words, Pilates exercises are extremely efficient and effective. After a class I always walk away feeling a little sharper in the mind and stronger and longer in the body. I’m able to take that with me throughout my day and into other physical activities I participate in.

How has your practice changed since you started?

One of my teacher trainers once said, the good and bad thing about Pilates is you never truly arrive, there is always something to work at. This idea took me right out of my ego and allowed me to let go of any expectations, and by letting go, I’ve gained more self-acceptance and have really started to listen to what my body needs. Reminding myself that everyday is different, and what may have come easy to me one day, may be more of a challenge the next and that’s OK. I’ve learned to let go more and flow with it!

Why did you decide to teach?

Simply because I love Pilates. I felt passionate and strongly about wanting to share it’s endless benefits with others.

Any tips for someone new to practicing Pilates?

Just give yourself a movement experience! It’s about progress not perfection. Remind yourself that it’s OK if an exercise may not make sense right away or look the way that you think it should. Most importantly, just have fun!

What is your favorite pose or exercise?

My favorite Pilates mat exercise is the Teaser. Teaser (resembles boat pose) is toward the end of the mat workout because it is said to be one of the most challenging moves, and all the exercises leading up prepare you for it. I like to look at it as saving the best for last, and a great opportunity to finish as strong as you started!

What do you like to do off the mat?

When I’m not teaching or doing Pilates, I enjoy a good documentary, kickboxing, and day trips! 

What fuels you?

Movement and sleep…it’s all about balance! Big cities, laughter and dark chocolate.

What makes you Mighty?

Honesty and compassion…and a good plank!