What can people expect in your Mighty classes? 


My teaching style is progressive vinyasa flow, each sequence building upon the previous. This approach enables students to cultivate patience, connection and respect for themselves and their body each time they step on the mat.  

My classes are driven by creativity and strength-building movements, grounded in proper alignment and breath control/pranayama. My approach to teaching is to offer what I practice, to speak from my own experiences and to challenge students to expand their individual potential.  

About Elizabeth:


Elizabeth trained as a Vinyasa teacher in 2005. She taught seven years in Washington, DC, while frequenting workshops to soak up a variety of styles from teachers Shiva Rea to Ana Forrest. In 2011 she took a second 200-hour RYT training in Ashtanga Yoga with David Kyle and later completed his Rocket Teacher Training in 2012. In 2014 she completed a 50-hour FLY Inversion Advanced Training with Laughing Lotus in NY. Elizabeth is a recent cancer 'thriver', attributing her ability to beat the illness in large part to the gifts of yoga. She enjoys being a student and continuously learns and finds inspiration from other students, a wide array of teachers and style in addition to her personal practice. Off the mat, Elizabeth loves anything outdoors. She is the Director of the Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming and co-manages Wellspring Forest Farm with her partner, Steve.

We asked Elizabeth:

Why do you practice yoga? 

Yoga is the perfect balance to my lifestyle because it requires dedication, growth and truth, and complements my personal ethics as an environmentalist, social justice ally, educator, and homesteader. My yoga practice provides an outlet for creativity and fun; it reminds me to take time to reflect and be mindful of the people and the earth around me; it stretches my physical aptitude, and requires strength, softness and humility; it cultivates relationships and community. 

What fuels you? 

Our homestead and living in the Finger Lakes, my dog Vida and yoga!  And I love almost anything outdoors – hiking, swimming, cross country skiing, kayaking, etc. 

Elizabeth’s favorite piece of wisdom:

It is the teacher’s foremost duty to give you back your intelligence, to return to you your heart, to encourage you to access yourself. They do this by being who they really are and by being completely honest and compassionate with you.     – Richard Freeman