What can people expect in your Mighty classes?


Get curious about how your yoga practice can support you in everyday life, finding strength and balance both internally and externally. All are welcome to explore the relationship between body, mind, spirit, and breath in this supportive space.

About Erica

Being present through curiosity, compassion, and creativity is what calls Erica to her yoga practice. Her pathway into yoga came during a time when she needed to find amongst all her compartmentalized mind, body, and spirit selves. She believes yoga offers empowerment and self-realization to everyone, no matter where they are on their personal journey. Her asana classes are focused on being inquisitive about mental and physical capabilities, while providing a safe space to cultivate inventive and compassionate responses.

Erica has recently graduated from Mighty Yoga’s Teacher Training and is a 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher. She honors all the teachers and mentors throughout her life and is excited to continue learning from the Mighty Yoga community.

We asked Erica:

Why do you practice yoga?

The relationship between movement and breath allows me to cultivate a deep awareness; the practice of stilling the mind and seeking divine connection creates a foundational joy and peace. This practice supports and informs my interactions, choices, and reflections in everyday life.

What fuels you?

My “fuel” comes from so many places, so in no particular order: new adventures, playing outside, meditation and prayer, family, and kindhearted interactions.

Erica’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“When you reach your edge, soften. Soften until you slip through the constraints and can create a new rhythm, a new route, a new release. Water is soft yet powerful. Reach your edge, and soften.” -Victoria Erickson