What can people expect in your Mighty classes? 

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To work the same side twice? Kidding!  My hope is to offer a juicy full-body class that’s mostly familiar Vinyasa, but maybe plays with moves you’ve never made!

About Hannah:

Hannah began her inquiry into yoga over a decade ago.  Movement has always been a part of her daily life, but it wasn’t until her first yoga class she realized she knew nothing about incorporating her breath.  She could enjoy deep conscious, nutritious breaths on her mat. It was her first practice of Awareness. And certainly not her last. Through Yoga, Awareness has become more of a lifestyle and life long development.  She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Nosara Yoga Institute on the wild Nicoya Peninsula. Her current style is Power Vinyasa and Self Awakening, and she looks forward to more training! She is in her element when moving her body, whether it’s through asana, dancing, running in the woods, swimming in the lake, or trying new ways to move.  When she isn’t teaching, she is with Ruby, her best friend with fluffy ears and 4 paws.

We asked Hannah:

Why do you practice yoga? 

Yoga is personal. A multidimensional experience to get to know yourself, while offering super helpful tools to add to your toolbox. Or fruitful seeds to plant in your garden. I practice yoga because I can find challenge when I crave challenge, play when I call on play, rest when I need rest, and maybe it’s all three and that’s the best.  

What fuels you? 

Water.  Swimming!!  Rain.  Waterfalls!!  Eye drops.

Hannah's favorite piece of wisdom:

"When one tugs on a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." John Muir