What can people expect in your Mighty classes? 

In my Mighty classes, people can expect to be challenged in joyful and playful ways, feeling a great sense of love and belonging, like coming home.

About Jenni:

Jenni began studying yoga over a decade ago, first exploring Hatha and Iyengar yoga, to compliment her physical and endurance training.  As yoga became more pronounced in her life, Jenni soon realized it was much more than a way to stretch the body and stay fit. When she found Ashtanga and Power Vinyasa, she knew she was home. Finally allowing her practice to reach the next level, Jenni completed her yoga training in the Ashtanga tradition. Allowing the yogic path to unfold in her life has truly been a gift. Jenni works from the heart to bring this gift to her students. When not teaching yoga, Jenni spends time with husband Shad, daughter Lily, and dog Lola – on the lake, in the creek, in the forest, and on other awesome adventures. She also works as a small business consultant for a local credit union.

We asked Jenni:

Why do you practice yoga?  

I practice yoga for so many reasons! Yoga is the friend I never knew. I trust yoga to see me through hard times, and I work with yogic teachings to carry me through this human existence. I am so happy to share this joyful experience with others.

What fuels you? 

My yoga practice truly fuels me in ways I’ve never dreamed; sharing this practice fills my heart. My daughter’s bright eyes and smile also power my soul.

Jenni’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.”  – Wayne Dyer