Liz is in an Ithaca native, born and raised. A mover from an early age, dancing and participating in sports throughout the years, Liz found movement to be rewarding on many different levels, both mentally and physically. From the beginning, she felt an instant connection to the flow of Pilates; most importantly how good she felt after every class and how easily she could carry that with her throughout the day. When Liz moved back to Ithaca after years away at college and pursuing various career paths, she continued her Pilates adventures to pursue both mat and apparatus trainings. Liz holds a 600 hour comprehensive certification through Power Pilates, and she is also a certified barre teacher. Her passion and enthusiasm for movement shines brightly in every class. She is encourages her participants to listen to their bodies, move from their strengths and to have fun while doing it!

We asked Liz:

  1. Why do you practice pilates?   I do Pilates because it makes me feel good, plain and simple. It keeps me on my game, sharp and fit. It helps maintain my health, compliments and supports anything else I take on in my life both mentally and physically. It literally sets me up for success in all areas of my life!

  2. What fuels you?  Movement and sleep…it’s all about balance! Big cities, laughter and dark chocolate.

  3. What can people expect in your Mighty classes?  A challenging yet accessible full body work out. No doubt core and alignment are major focal points, and Pilates principles are often highlighted throughout class to enhance one’s connection to the Powerhouse. With Liz’s supportive, lively and positive approach to teaching, you will leave class feeling your abs (of course), reenergized, longer and stronger!  


Liz’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” - Joseph Pilates