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What can people expect in your Mighty classes?

My classes incorporate breath and fluid movement with a heart centered approach. We will work together to build strength and endurance for all that life offers on and off the mat. Through compassion and focus, I hope to help students feel their value and true worth.

About Maya

Maya’s personal practice began with Kripalu yoga. During a difficult chapter, she discovered Anusara and watched the complexity of life simplify the more she rolled out her mat. When she added Vinyasa to the mix, she began to understand the secret that all yogis want to share: as her body grew stronger, so did her heart and mind!  So she dove in and went to work at the studio she loved, Mighty Yoga. Next she trained to become a teacher so that she could share this gift of strength and healing with others.

In addition to being a 200 RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, Maya holds a degree in Psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz. She is mother,  artist and author. She has published two books with a third on the way: Reinvention (2012); Hope, Make, Heal (2014); Girls’ Home Spa Lab (2018).

We asked Maya:

Why do you practice yoga?  

Yoga helps me to be the  happiest and healthiest version of myself.

What fuels you?

My family. Working with my hands. The ocean.

Maya’s favorite piece of wisdom:

Advice I try to live by:

Yesterday is over. Tomorrow has not arrived. Now is all that really exists so surrender to it and cherish it.