Stacey Orr has been teaching yoga since 2010. A SoCal native, she made her way East after completing her yoga teacher training at the Ananda Ashram in Northern California, where she lived and practiced alongside yogis dedicating their lives to the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda. This experience nurtured the desire to use yoga as a tool for conscious living, while Stacey's background in social work further shaped her passion for teaching and mindful living. A love of music and a passion for vinyasa yoga are evident in her teaching style. After nearly a decade of teaching yoga and leading teacher trainings in Pennsylvania, Stacey relocated to Ithaca in early 2017. She is also the Founder/CEO of Stinky Yogi, a yoga-inspired aromatherapy line and currently tours with Wanderlust nationwide in addition to teaching here at Mighty Yoga.  

We asked Stacey:

Why do you practice yoga? 

To feel my body unlock and undo as a tool for tuning into a frequency and vibration of connection. Those moments of clarity (even if fleeting) when everything feels in its right place and all has led to now. And then, you do your best to take it with you. That’s the beauty of the practice, on and off the mat.

What fuels you? 

Music, pug snuggles, yoga/music festivals, Kriplau, visiting my hometown of Los Angeles, and those rare days where you say sianara to the “to-do” list and hold space for wonder.

What can people expect in your Mighty classes?

A killer playlist, a heart-centered practice, and a playful approach to the exploration of asana and beyond the physical.

Stacey’s favorite piece of wisdom:

”Love is real, real is love.
Love is free, free is love.
Love is living, living love.”
--John Lennon