Mighty Yogi of the Month: March 2017


Name: Jules Doliscar

Favorite yoga pose: Warrior 2

Yoga is... A relaxing challenge

How do you serve the world? I coach wrestling, practice occupational therapy, and enjoy exercise. I find I serve the world by just being myself, having a great attitude, having fun, accepting my best in each moment, and supporting others with love and compassion. Whatever it is I do is an outlet for me to express myself.

What do you love most about your yoga practice?  I love that no practice is ever the same. It reminds me to focus with what is occurring as opposed to what I think I should feel or how I think something should look. Like Ilana says, “What if what feels best is best?”

What fuels you?  If I knew, I would eat it all day everyday, lol. I love to get the most out of myself. The process is fun, growing is fun, challenges can be scary and intimidating but what I enjoy is just allowing myself to give it my best shot in whatever it is I do while allowing myself to make mistakes and fail along the way. (I do not always see it that way in the moment but like they say, hindsight’s 20-20 right…)

My NON-guilty pleasure is... Dark Chocolate.

What makes you Mighty?  My ability to care and be open with others and myself.

You rocked this year's February Challenge! How was the experience for you? 
It was fun. It just required me to manage my time effectively between working and going to wrestling practice and daily activities. As I have said, it is a new experience each day and the benefits are amazing from practicing. It allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself.

What is your yoga story?  How did you start practicing?  
My roommate and good friend Ricardo started taking a community class and he asked me if I wanted to come along with him. I took him up on his offer and I enjoyed how I felt after practicing so I decided to keep going. Practicing has really help me correct imbalances in my body as well as get more out of it when I wrestle and play. Not to mention the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. I guess you could say I dig it.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?  
I would want to be able to teleport instantaneously. Frankly I could be anywhere I wanted at any time how awesome would that be. Traffic would be a thing of the past.

When I wake up in the morning, I always do these two things…  I roll over and stretch in bed.

What's the best advice you've ever received?  Don’t let the world change your smile let your smile change the world.