Mighty Yogi of the Month: August 2016


Name: Kelly Brown

Favorite yoga pose: My favorite pose depends on how I’m feeling in the moment. This weekend I did a lot of different planks in Zainab’s class, and it was super fun. Mostly, I like poses in which I’ve seen development, and man, planks were not easy when I first started.

Yoga is... medicine.

How do you serve the world?

I work with a bunch of goof balls at Magical Garden Daycare. The kids, the garden and Heather have taught me some major life skills. It’s also where I met a friend who introduced me to Mighty! I have an amazing pit bull, Doja, who keeps me moving and smothers me in love. And in my free time, I make some pottery.

What do you love most about your yoga practice?
I love seeing progress the most, but not necessarily in my poses. Honestly, my motivation comes from the progress I see in the way I think and perceive the world off my mat.

What fuels you?

My NON-guilty pleasure is. . . weekend hikes on the Finger Lakes Trails with my dog while ignoring laundry.

What makes you Mighty?
My community and family keeps me going, keeps me connected and lends me books.

What’s your yoga story?  How did you start practicing?
Like I said, a friend introduced me to Mighty, but what brought me to yoga were some difficult life experiences. Yoga has proven to be powerful medicine to very influential memories.

What's the best advice you've ever received?
“Listen to your conscience.”